Whether you are bouncing off the walls with baby-growing energy, or feel more like a truck has run over every inch of you, you can’t deny the need for clothes that really care for a changing pregnant body. The feel of buttery soft bamboo that actually fits (and grows) beautifully is the self-care every pregnant woman deserves.

Here at Lou Lou we know on a personal level how the body changes and grows throughout (and after) pregnancy, so it was an obvious progression for us to create a maternity collection. More than ever, it is a time to discover comfort and self care, and this includes within the wardrobe.

Breathable and soft bamboo must have been created with pregnant women in mind, because once you wear it, it’s like a lightbulb moment of… ‘this is what I’ve been needing.’ Below we’ve gathered a handful of our pregnancy staples, sharing a glimpse into our beautiful collection.

One of our absolute favourites for pregnancy has always been the Supreme Bamboo Wrap. Cosy, warm but light, breathable and (bonus!) breastfeeding friendly. Perfect to wrap yourself up in, with a cup of tea, slice of cake or whatever the baby has you craving.

The Madonna Dress was carefully designed for the growing bump (and any other extra bumps that can rapidly expand as well). Our exclusive bamboo textile is the perfect thickness, smoothly draping over your shape without clinging or going sheer.

Now, there comes a stage in every pregnancy where your partner’s tracksuit becomes your own (yes sometimes in the third trimester). Your focus is purely on comfort, and rightly so. The Amy Cold Shoulder Top and Keys Pant is the Lou Lou version of ‘my husband’s tracksuit’ but approximately 500 times more stylish. It’s the pregnancy staple that your wardrobe needs, you might find yourself wanting more than one set.

Each of our pieces have been designed and re-designed again to ensure it’s ‘essential’ status for our wonderful pregnant clients. Because you deserve taking great care of yourself as well as your beautiful baby. Have a browse through our entire collection here



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