Natural Bamboo Maternity Clothes

The uniquely feminine experience of pregnancy brings with it a whole new range of requirements for your wardrobe. Clothing will need to accommodate a growing bump, while comfort will be a priority.  Meanwhile, confidently flaunting the new curves of an expectant body comes easier to some than it does to others.

But who says the clothing you buy during pregnancy can’t be stylish or should serve for only nine months?

At Lou Lou the items we select for our pregnant customers come from our wider collection. They incorporate some of our favourite pieces to serve the dual purpose of maternity wear and essential wardrobe items. That means your pregnancy purchases will take you far beyond expectancy, into the early days of motherhood and beyond.  Many of our items extend to size XXL, so filter your search by your size or the size you expect to be with baby in belly!!  Our Bamboo fabric has 4 way stretch, so will grow with you!

At such a natural time of your life, only natural fibres will do and there are a host of reasons why embracing breathable, natural fabrics is important during pregnancy and beyond.