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Why we love wearing Bamboo...

It is no secret that we love Bamboo fabric, in fact we could talk for days on why we should all be wearing it.  Bamboo is easily one of the most eco-friendly plants, materials, and fabrics in the world and has so many amazing components we couldn’t include them all into one blog post. 

But the good news is we have managed to compile them into two main categories for you.  Sustainability and Wearability are two of the biggest cards that Bamboo clothing has to play and make it wonderfully easy for us to love wearing and producing our Lou Lou products. 

So consider this your introduction to the amazing-ness of Bamboo Clothing (you may find yourself adding multiple items to cart soon afterwards).




Ok, where do we even start? If you are wanting to make a positive impact on the planet with your clothing choices, it really can be as simple as buying bamboo!

Here’s why:

  • The only water that Bamboo requires falls from the sky.  Needing only rainfall means no irrigation or water waste side effects.
  • Bamboo is grown organically free of pesticides, insecticides and fertilisers. No one wants to wear that.
  • This super plant produces approximately 35% more oxygen than trees.
  • It grows super fast!  As in Bamboo can grow several feet within 24 hours.  Watching grass grow has never been such a speedy pastime.
  • Yes Bamboo is actually a grass!  Meaning it can grow in a wider variety of environments and doesn’t require replanting.  (No soil erosion! Yes!).
  • Bamboo comes full circle.  Bamboo clothing is 100% biodegradable, helping to reduce the overwhelming amount of fabric waste the world is producing.



We could go on and on about sustainability, but will keep it short and sweet. And instead move onto the amazing wearability factors in Bamboo. Because no matter how good a fabric is for the planet, we still need it to look and feel amazing.


  • Buttery soft. Seriously the softest, loveliest fabric you will come across.  Many people first discover Bamboo when dressing their babies in it, and then realise that they want and deserve the same amazing feel themselves.
  • Bamboo is your summertime favourite.  Wonderfully breathable and absorbent for those hot sweaty days.
  • It’s your go-to travel and everyday staple.  No need to iron and blissfully antistatic!
  • Your skin will also love bamboo, particularly if it’s sensitive, as it’s beautifully hypoallergenic and a non-irritant.

So if you were chasing any more reasons to buy bamboo, and overhaul your wardrobe with some long-lasting, beautiful and planet-friendly Lou Lou pieces, then you now have them.



We are obviously unashamedly mega fans of this Super Fabric, and love seeing our customers come on board and discover how incredible bamboo (and Lou Lou) is for themselves.

If you ever have any specific questions about the fabric or our products, get in touch and we’ll look after you.

Happy shopping!


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