Bamboo, a remarkable plant with a multitude of environmental benefits, has become a symbol of sustainability in recent years.

We've been long-term fans of Bamboo and use it in all our collections. With minimal water requirements, pesticide-free growth, and exceptional oxygen production, bamboo has revolutionised our approach to fashion.

There are so many benefits to Bamboo, and when manufactured well with high-quality materials, it can be a fabulous solution to a more sustainable fashion industry.

Minimal Water Footprint

Bamboo thrives on natural rainfall alone, eliminating the need for irrigation. Its cultivation conserves water, making it an ideal choice for regions with water scarcity.

Organic Growth and Chemical-Free Cultivation

Bamboo grows naturally, free from pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers. By choosing bamboo, we reduce exposure to harmful agricultural chemicals and protect the environment.

Oxygen Production and Carbon Dioxide Reduction

Bamboo surpasses trees in oxygen production, contributing approximately 35% more oxygen. Its rapid growth allows for the absorption of significant amounts of carbon dioxide, aiding in combating climate change.

Soil Conservation and Erosion Prevention

Bamboo's regenerative nature eliminates the need for replanting and prevents soil erosion. By opting for bamboo, we can support sustainable practices and preserve delicate ecosystems.

Rapid Growth and Multiple Harvests

As the fastest-growing woody plant, bamboo offers a renewable resource. It can be harvested repeatedly without harming the plant or the environment, reducing pressure on natural forests.

Ethical Fabric Production

Our Bamboo fabric adheres to published standards that ban harmful azo-dyes, phthalates, and APEOs. By embracing bamboo textiles, we can enjoy sustainable fashion that prioritises consumer safety and environmental well-being.

Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable choice for manufacturing, and by incorporating high-quality made bamboo fabrics into our wardrobe, we actively contribute to a greener future. To learn more about our fabrics and clothing, visit our website.

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