Winter is well and truly here! While it brings a long list of positives with it - cute sweaters, warm fires, mulled wine, and fluffy socks - the cold air and fewer daylight hours can make it harder to enjoy all those good things. Winter can put you in a slump - and as Dr Seuss famously said, “unslumping yourself is not easily done.” 


So we’ve done the hard part for you and put together a list of big and small activities you can do to boost your mood this winter! Do them all or just do one or two - it’s a sure way to warm you up on the inside while our thermo-regulating and luxuriously soft bamboo pieces warm you up on the outside. 



It may seem counter-intuitive to do chores to put you in a good mood, but hear us out. Imagine -  the smell of clean cotton filling your nose as you stretch your arms up to peg it to the clothesline, fresh air all around and the winter sun warming your back. 

Drying your bedding in the sun is not only good for the environment, but the UV rays can also help kill bacteria! Plus you can feel good that one job is ticked off your to-do list, you’re saving money on your electricity bill, and you’ll have fresh sheets to crawl into tonight. Wins all round. 


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This might just sound like “take a holiday” to you, but the beauty of an Airbnb over a hotel is that cosy, home-away-from-home feeling - and there’s so much variety!

It’s choose your own adventure: a faux tropical getaway with a pool and palms to pretend you’re somewhere warmer, a cottage with a fireplace tucked away somewhere in the trees, an apartment close to city hotspots so you can walk to the coolest cafes and bars, or even in someone’s spare room if you like the company! You never know what friends you might make along the way.

If you’ve never typed your hometown into the Airbnb search bar before, this is your sign.


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Albeit one of the smaller things on the list, never underestimate the healing power of sipping a hot beverage while soaking in some morning sun rays (with sunscreen on of course!). Flick the kettle on, choose your tea of choice (go on, try that one at the back of the pantry you’ve been saving), pull out your favourite mug, step outside, and there you have it. Simple magic.

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Isn’t it amazing what a change of scenery can do for your brain? One of our favourites is watching the coastal scenery turn country - there’s something about the roads getting windier as the window view turns from glistening beaches to cows in grassy paddocks. Put on a good playlist and make a day of it! Country towns have some of the best little gift stores and cafes around. Scones with jam and cream, anyone?


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Speaking of scones with jam and cream! If all else fails, a little sweet treat can save the day. And it’s even better when you make it yourself! It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Maybe you’re a Masterchef fan and you want to try your hand at a lemon meringue pie with each element made from scratch, or maybe you just want the quickest possible baked good so you can eat it sooner (we won’t tell anyone if you use a box mix) - you can bet it’s going to taste better and more satisfying knowing you’re the one who created it. And the oven is sure to warm your house up while you’re at it!


Whichever you decide to do this winter, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading this list, find the time to try some of these ideas, and that you’re staying as comfortable and warm as can be. 

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