Here at Lou Lou Australia, our primary focus has always been comfort. Comfort for you and for our planet. By developing our eco-friendly signature bamboo fabric, we have kept sustainability at the forefront of our minds whilst creating beautiful, lasting fashion for our customers and stockists. On today's blog we explain why we use bamboo and the benefits of this wonderful product, and you can feel good about your purchases with us! Now please join us on a little journey about why we love bamboo and how we bring it to you!

Firstly, our beautifully soft 260gsm bamboo fabric is grown and produced just for Lou Lou Australia. When we first developed this concept, it was important to us that we used a material that would be eco-friendly to produce. Bamboo is not produced in Australia to the scale required for fashion production, so we sourced a local company in China that grow and produce all our bamboo ethically and exclusively.  We then design all of our clothing in Australia and have it ethically and sustainably made in China by a family-owned business we have been working with for over ten years. Whilst some chemical solvents are used in the production of our bamboo fabric, none of them are harmful, our factory workers wear appropriate PPE, and the solvents are broken down into salt and water at the end of the process and recycled.  We personally know many of our factory employees due to their long-standing with the company. They are paid well and many of them even bring their pets to work with them! 

Come harvest time, we cut and soak the bamboo in a solvent to soften it. Using a closed-loop system allows us to recycle all the liquid and solvents, making this process as economical and eco-friendly as possible.  The bamboo is then dehydrated and made into pulp and dried. The dried bamboo is then ground into a silky soft fibre and then spun into our luxuriously soft, signature fabric, ready to make our beautiful Lou Lou Australia pieces!

Where many harmful pesticides and a lot of water are used in cotton production, our process for producing our bamboo is fertilizer, insecticide, and pesticide free, with no irrigation and only rainwater used to water the crop. This is another reason why we chose bamboo - it is by far, the most sustainable fabric to produce. In addition to this, by having our own fabric produced exclusively for Lou Lou Australia, we have the best control possible over how it is produced with zero fabric dumped. Our decision to use our own, sustainably produced bamboo fabric allows us to produce luxuriously soft, trans-seasonal fashion which is of lasting and high quality. In this way, Lou Lou Australia directly contributes to the slow fashion movement.

As well as being such a sustainable product, there are several other reasons we choose to work with bamboo. Our bamboo fabric is soft and gentle and naturally hypoallergenic, making it great for sensitive skin. Our fabric is also breathable, thermoregulating, moisture-wicking and odour-resistant and bamboo is also known to provide natural UV protection. Another little-known fact about bamboo is that it contains natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal bio-agents. Our beautiful bamboo fabric is also anti-static and crease-resistant, making it the perfect clothing to travel with, as it packs so well and still looks fresh after a trip in a suitcase.

If you are ready to discover the benefits of bamboo just as we have, pop over to our website and shop the latest spring/summer collection. We know you will find some beautiful pieces that you will wear again and again as they are the ultimate in comfort, and you will know you have made an ethical and sustainable contribution to the slow fashion movement!

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