‘Mum style’.  We’ve all heard the phrase but nothing can quite prepare you for it when you are a first time Mum.  Headed home from the hospital, all your best intentions to look fresh each day can be met with exhaustion and overwhelm as you try to work out what you should wear in those early days. 

Later on down the track though, as your child gets older you still need to be dressed practically, move fast, be ready for different temperatures and environments as you run from work, to the shops, to daycare, to home, to the park or beach or soccer or ballet, and then home again for meal times and homework.

It seems the role of Modern Motherhood is an ever changing one and one that will continue to evolve as your little ones get older.


Which is why a versatile wardrobe is the answer to creating a Mum style that works for you, takes minimal time to put together, works in a variety of different settings and will have you looking effortlessly stylish.

So to help you create your own Mum style we have created some recommended looks inspired by our beach shoot with Liz Cantor; along with some styling tips that will have you feeling your best self in no time.



Create a capsule wardrobe that all works with each other. There is nothing worse than standing in front of your wardrobe and not seeing anything that works together, and being struck by a case of ‘fashion paralysis’. Having a capsule wardrobe ready to go will mean you will be reaching for items that easily work together.  Buying pieces that will mix and match is your answer in this case. Choose a colour palette and run with it!  Get a few different pieces, tops, bottoms, outerwear that will work cohesively.


Choose clothes that don’t require an iron. When you have little ones the last thing you need to be doing is trying to set up an iron and press your clothes while you juggle a baby.  Let that fantasy set sail my friends!  Save that pressure for special occasions, and in the mean time for your day to day outfits opt for fabric that won’t require a pressing.  Our bamboo fabric is non-crease and makes for the perfect solution for this exact problem.


Choose fabric and clothing that flatters in the right places and makes you feel beautiful and comfortable.  Often after birth, surgery or even just from enduring the general ‘Mum Life Juggle’ in the later years can have women not feeling their optimal best.  Choosing clothing that makes you feel better about yourself will really help lift your mood and feel more positive about your body.


Spice it up with accessories.  Accessories can make a capsule outfit feel totally different.  Add in a statement sneaker, a leopard headband, leather boots, a white sand shoe or scarf to make your style your own. A blazer or denim jacket will instantly dress up your capsule outfit too, making it that little more dressy by adding in additional layers to your outfit. 


To create Liz’s effortless Mum Style that was captured in this shoot, here are some of her favourites! 

The Lana Pant hugs your hips and legs in all the right places, and can be styled worn down at the ankle in winter and rouged up under the knee in summer.  It is a breathable fabric that will have you feeling comfortable and stylish all at the same time.  Paired with a boot, white sneaker, running shoe or slide, this pant can work for all occasions.

The Tina Top is a perfect solution for a modest but stretch fabric top that will keep you comfortable all day long.  We also love the Stella Slouch Tee for a versatile tee that is loved by women of all body shapes. 

The main thing to keep in mind, is that all Mums are different. Some are working, some are at home, some are doing both so a versatile wardrobe for today’s modern Mum has never been more needed.  But beginning with a capsule wardrobe and building on it slowly is a great place to start and it will give yourself time to rediscover your personal style.

For more help creating outfits, reach out to our team and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions.

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