While creating Lou Lou, we have had the chance to meet so many other incredible, earth + body friendly brands.  Over the years we have developed lasting relationships with some beautiful business owners, and recently have had the joy of working with Stacy Lobb from Calmaste on a Lou Lou brand photo shoot.

We have fallen in love with her goals to educate on and provide alternative products to help her customers comfort.  Her carefully chosen and tested products are curated to assist in reducing inflammation, stress and anxiety.  She speaks from a background of struggles ranging from food allergies to the early stages of dementia and arthritis, brought on from a hidden auto-immune disease.

Dressing in comfortable clothing, that calms the body as well as the environment, was a happy task for Stacy.  She effortlessly styled some classic Lou Lou pieces, bringing her calming demeanour to another level.

More about Calmaste.

Lou Lou x Calmaste


If Calmaste were a mood, what would it be? 

Restful, earthy abundance.  The feeling of a luxury retreat that was worth every penny while you laze by a salt water pool after an early morning sunrise meditation & Yoga session followed by beautiful biodynamic food. 


What colour would Calmaste be? 

This is still evolving.  Originally - Tobacco, rich tone, earthy, classic but it’s evolved into a more grey/putty tone. 


If Calmaste were a song, what would it be? 

Kamakumba, Mop Mop. 


Lou Lou x Calmaste 2

If Calmaste were an animal, what would it be? 

A Camel - calm, chill, has everything he needs within. 


If you could dress Calmaste, what would it wear?

An elegant linen or cotton dress - off white of sun-faded navy, loose, like a long tunic with a split up each leg, beautiful fabric, hand stitched. 


If your brand were a book, what would it be? 

The Alchemist


Lou Lou x Calmaste 3

If Calmaste were a movie, what would it be? 

Medicine Man - Sean Connery, 1992


If Calmaste were a place, where would it be?

Morrocan-esque holiday spot. An enchanted, earthy feel including a forest, desert and ocean. 

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