The science of stripes

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Whether it’s a French-style tee, knee-length dress or flattering tube-skirt, everywhere you turn, stripes are all the rage right now.

Although they might seem more prevalent than usual, the truth is the stripe never went out of style, and it’s not going anywhere soon.

Why? Because it’s an incredibly versatile tool in any fashionista’s wardrobe. So, let’s take a look at stripes, debunk some common myths and get to the science of why we love them so.

A little stripe history

Made famous with the Breton shirt that Audrey Hepburn paired so effortlessly with capri pants, the stripe owes much of its origins to French fashion and, believe it or not, a little nautical nous.

French sailors wore stripes to distinguish them from the waves should a mariner plunge overboard. We’ve loved them ever since, with barely a decade passing without a fashion reference to the stripe.

Some stripe science

In 2016, the UK Daily Telegraph set out to inject some science into our sentiment for stripes, asking the perennial question ‘Are horizontal stripes flattering?’.

The answer…a resounding yes.

Dr Robert Thompson, a psychologist and expert in visual perception at the University of York undertook the research, comparing 200 women in horizontal, vertical and diagonal stripes.

When faced with the option of vertical or horizontal lines, the general opinion was that horizontal stripes proved to be more figure-flattering.

“So there you have it, science has officially declared horizontal stripes to be flattering,” The Telegraph concluded.

Wearing stripes that work

Like anything in the fashion field, the art of wearing stripes comes down to what works for your body shape and being bold enough to give something a try.

In homage to fashion’s enduring love of stripes, we’ve assembled a new range of fabulous striped numbers to add to our timeless Lou Lou Collection.

As always, they’re comfortable, convert from dressy to casual and allow the wearer to feel confident in the fact that look stylish and suave.

Here are just some of our fave’s…

The newbiesNew Stripes

Available in short and long-sleeved tees and knee or calve-length skirts, this versatile range of stripes looks sensational paired with blocks of colour on the top or bottom half.

Reminiscent of that Breton look we referred to earlier, the range is available in grey marle and black stripe.

We’ll be adding dresses and a whole host of extras to this range over the coming months, in the knowledge the stripe is a timeless classic that’s definitely here to stay.

Iron-clad fave’s

The broad stripeLlw 4087

The new range is complemented by our existing commitment to fabulous stripes in the form of our tri-colour series. These broad stripes are incredibly flattering, suit any body shape and are available in blush, grey marle and charcoal stripe, and light grey marle and black stripe.

The varied stripe

Featuring stripes in different widths, this design adds interest to any occasion and above all offers a flattering look.

It’s used in our dresses, our skirts and our tees, in grey marle and navy, and kale and beige,

The Lou Lou Stripe Range is part of our commitment to sourcing clothing that is stylish, flattering, timeless, and sustainable for nature.

View our entire range here, or pop in and see our collection in person. The Lou Lou concept store is located at Noosa, on Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Junction.

We love to work with our clients to craft the perfect wardrobe to suit their needs and lifestyle, in the knowledge fashion isn’t just what you wear but how you feel within its embrace.